Partnership with

General Amir Sperling 22 Dec

  I’m happy to announce my partnership with As FHI’s exclusive Mortgage Agent, I am able to reimburse you for your home inspection when you get a mortgage. Conditions apply – check out their website at for details. Note: This is not a DLC-wide promotion. Be sure to contact me, Amir Sperling, for […]

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Mortgage Agent vs Mortgage Specialist: What’s the difference?

Mortgage Tips Amir Sperling 7 Nov

To most consumers outside of the mortgage space, the terms “mortgage agent” and “mortgage specialist” would seem interchangeable – but they aren’t. As a potential homeowner, the differences are more important than you might think. First and foremost, it is important to understand the definition of these groups before looking at the major differences. Mortgage agents […]

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Renewing Your Mortgage 101

Mortgage Tips Amir Sperling 11 Oct

If you are coming up to your mortgage renewal date, you may have already received a letter from your lender. Typically, these are sent out when there are 3 months remaining on your term. While nearly 60 percent of borrowers simply sign and send back their renewal, did you know that this is actually the […]

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